The Exposure

"For me photography is the attempt of visualizing moments emotionally - a collaboration between the photographer and the viewer. An attempt, because viewing a photograph trying to capture a moment will never be the same as actually experiencing the moment. And as the viewers experience a photograph in their own unique way, they are inevitably part of the process. This is why the exposure of a photograph - an emotionally visualized moment - is not finished before it reaches the viewer‘s eye."

Florian Hirzinger


Gallery Representations

Florian Hirzinger's photographs are available online and through selected galleries in Austria and abroad.
Graz, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Frankfurt, Germany


A selection of photographs from Florian Hirzinger's series Garāža is held in the collection of the Museum Joanneum in Graz, Austria.


Universalmuseum Joanneum

Neue Galerie Graz, Graz, Austria




Vienna, Austria

Gemeinsam mit anderen Künstlern zeigte Florian Hirzinger 2019 im Rahmen einer Gruppenausstellung Arbeiten seiner neuen Serie „The High Line“.


Gallery Stross

GRAZ, Austria

In 2018, Florian Hirzinger presented his new photography series Garāža in an exhibition with Herbert Soltys, curated by Ursula Stross.



Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

In 2017, Florian Hirzinger was invited by a jury of art experts to be part of photo::vienna. He presented his new photography series Garāža.


Broadway Gallery

New york City, USA

Group exhibition with local artists and artists from abroad.


Galerie zeitlos

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Austria

With his solo exhibition "Gedanken tanken" Florian Hirzinger showcased Tyrolean landscapes on the historical walls of Galerie zeitlos.


Capital Bank

Kitzbühel, Austria

"Landscapes", a solo exhibition curated by Capital Bank Kitzbühel, featured Florian Hirzinger's landscape photographs from the alpine region around Kitzbühel.


Vienna Showcase

Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria

In the Museum of Young Art, inside Palais Schönborn in Vienna, Florian Hirzinger presented his work alongside other artists from around the globe.


Real World Gallery

London, United Kingdom

Group exhibition with local artists and artists from abroad.


Galerie R2

Vienna, Austria

With his solo exhibition "Urban Motions" Florian Hirzinger presented vivid impressions of vibrant cities from all over the world.

Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz 4/3/15
1010 Vienna

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